Castledine Gregory Law and Mediation

Resources, Energy and Infrastructure


resource-imageWe have specialised experience in various areas of the law affecting the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors including:


  • government approvals required for access to land and water
  • the interpretation and operation of State Agreements relating to major resource and energy projects
  • procedures for the grant of tenements for mining (including the Warden’s Court), petroleum and infrastructure tenure
  • advising owners of major energy infrastructure on third party access to gas pipelines and electricity networks, the preparation of access arrangements and liaison with government and regulatory bodies
  • preparing contracts with third parties for access to energy infrastructure networks and associated works and approvals
  • negotiating and advising on a variety of commercial and operational agreements for Aboriginal corporations, native title groups, construction, infrastructure, resources and energy companies, including their administration and enforcement 
  • advising on and representing clients in dispute resolution proceedings, including clients seeking to resolve disputes with contractors, builders, joint venturers and principals, or clients seeking to review regulatory or government decisions through courts and tribunals (read more on our Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution page)
  • negotiations between native title groups or Aboriginal corporations and resources, energy, construction and infrastructure companies (read more on our Native Title and Aboriginal Heritage page)
  • advising on environmental compliance, the management of contaminated land and waste, and rehabilitation requirements in the context for resources, energy and infrastructure projects (read more on our Planning and Environment page)
  • due diligence in respect of acquisitions and divestments of resources, energy and infrastructure assets (read more on our Corporate, Commercial and Governance page)
  • advising on and preparing farm-in and farm-out agreements for energy and resources projects
  • advising local governments and regional councils on tendering for major works, variations to agreements and the resolution of disputes (read more on our Local Government page)
  • advising resources, energy, construction and infrastructure companies on various corporate legal and compliance matters relevant to their industries.

Examples of our work

  • advising a major iron ore company on a State Agreement and related approval requirements concerning a proposed town site expansion in the Pilbara
  • advising on and preparing contracts for the development and construction of works to connect to an electricity network
  • assisting an onshore oil and gas company to secure exploration and production titles for a proposed project in the mid-west
  • advising regional council on  dispute resolution concerning defective works, and preparing agreement for rectification works and release
  • advising local government on tendering and contracting requirements for major works contract
  • representing building companies and owners in the Building Disputes Tribunal/Building Commission
  • mediating a construction dispute between a project manager and contractor
  • advising a major resource company on a interpretation and operation of a State Agreement dealing with Aboriginal heritage and environmental approvals
  • advising a steel production company on a sale and settlement agreement, corporate governance, director duties and shareholder rights
  • negotiating and advising on a variety of contracts for offshore petroleum exploration and development operations and joint ventures
  • advising mining contractor on contract administration, variations and dispute resolution issues associated with major Pilbara iron ore project
  • negotiating an equipment supply agreement between a native title party and a mining company
  • advising an energy company on various commercial, operational and corporate agreements associated with offshore oil exploration and production
  • preparing  a works agreement for an Aboriginal corporation
  • advising on and preparing agreements for the acquisition of land and a service station by an Aboriginal corporation, and associated environmental risks
  • advising a construction company on shareholders agreement, deeds of indemnity for directors and officers and various contracting matters
  • advising a gas pipeline company on joint venture and State Agreement matters
  • negotiating an interconnection agreement between a gas pipeline owner and a gas distribution company, and
  • advising a power supply company on dispute resolution procedures and contracting strategies